The Nomad Nation of Volgo
The Flag of the Nomad Nation of Volgo

Form of Government

Thalassocracy (sea state)

The Establisher





Alist Canism (%97), Canism (&3)




Alish Russian

Population at its most

100,000 (people in the sea)

Last Leader:


The Nomad Nation of Volgo was the so called "nation" of Volgo that was established when the Kuziks, conquered Rezop their own city. They divided in to half that day, most of them ran to Canapotamia, asking for help but the noteworthy ones ran to their ships and sailed away, to the Jeffery and they established their home there, up at Jefferytarık.

The EstablisherEdit

Though the establisher of the state is unknown, in the scrolls he is called as Balshoi Volgo which means Volgo the Great.He was told to be a brave, smart leader of his followers.He was a smart philosopher, he always said that there was a land "beyond death" that his people could be in peace. They would be equal... Some historians say that he had foreseen "Alingrad"...

The ExpeditionsEdit

Volgians started traveling in the Ocean of Death, Yavan, it was told that they had discovered unknown lands that wouldn't have been discovered until the Industrial Age. (Eastern and Western Continents). They traveled for an age. They started travelling around mid-Ancient Age and when they found the land "Beyond Death" in the Northern Continent. They are known as the longest lasting civilization though without any land under their control.