The Ancient Era is the time lapse between the establishment of Canapotamia and the establishment of Emir Kanna. Between this time period the world was mostly tribal, with people only living with their own races, the only empire that wasn't like this was Ancient Canapotamia.


Politically, the continental forces were always changing. In the Tri-Continents, the bigger force was usually
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The Ancient World As We Know It

Canapotamya cut with the occasional rise of the Kuzik Empire, though disbanded real quickly. Though on the north, the Diragonians were on the rise, ruling the whole continent with their capital Old Lidde. On the east, the 2 big forces that would rise in the Industrial Age were battling: The Canese and The Yunusis. The battle was cut when the explorers from the Tri-Cıntinenti the Beris came. The migration of Beris caused the Emirs to get control of the Emorion, the northern continent of the Tri-Continents.

In the west, the two big civilizations, İhsanese and Bora people were fighting. This occasionally led to the dividing of the western continent.


The main income of the people in the Tri-Continent was trading of luxury resources such as fish, gems and the most importantly scrolls of myths. In the north, hunting and fishing were really important. In the other continents the main 'gems' were gold. Gold meant everything, you could be a tribe leader with a pinch of gold.