Papapoporovs flag
The Flag of Papapoporovs

Form of Government


The Establisher

Papa Umudi-Jonna




Solarism (%100)


Gold Popor



Population at its most


Last Leader:

Papa Umut-Ti-Popo

Papapoporovs was the civilization created by the Umudis in the Ancient times. The name of the civilization during those times is Poporovs but the Umudi archeologs decided on the name of Papapoporovs since it means father of Poporovs.

The EstablishmentEdit

On the scrolls, it is said that a young shepard named Jonna was blessed by some wheat by the Sun. Jonna used the wheat to make dough. The dough was so delicious Jonna decided he would respect the Sun, the Moon and the other objects in the Sky. Then he called himself Umudi which means king (or Shogun, whatever you want to call it). He then thought that the only way the Sun blessed him with the wheat would be Sun liking him. And because he didn't know his father, he thought his father was actually the Sun himself. Then he went to east, to the borders of the ocean, so that he could go to the place where the sun was born. Then he put his tent to the border of the sea. His family stayed with him there, and his grandsons, his great-grandsons and great-great-grandsons still lived there. It was eventually the first city of the West Continent: Poporovs. (21)

The Times of the First Royal Family (21 - 80)Edit

The First Royal Family, Papa Jonni's were mostly into developement and reaching the 'Sun'. They first built boats, which were the first known boats on Monoterra, to catch the sun getting born in the sea. Then they developed architecture, to reach the Sun when it's on top of you, after they gave up on catching the sun from the sea. Then they thought that the sun was under them so they dug which resulted of the invention of money: GOLD. They also found iron and copper but they weren't into blacksmithing. Then they wanted to make the Sun itself comedown by praying and they built the most impressive pyramids in the world.

The Papa Jonni's consisted of three kings: Papa Umudi-Jonna, Umudi-Jonnia and Umudi Jon. They were real good kings but the surrounding area now had dangerous tribes. The Umudi's with no army at all had to protect them. The Mutiny broke at year 78 and the king who knew that was going to happen had hired royal soldiers. The mutiny ended with the slaughter of over 1,000 people including the king Umudi Jon himself.

The Times of the Second Royal Family (80 -102)Edit

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