Emir Kanna
The Flag of Emir Kanna

Form of Government

Republic (I), Fascism (II), Dictatorship (III)

The Establishers

Emir Gemalmaz, Sukru Emir Karagul


Middle Kanna


Islam (%100)


Emir Kanna Dolar (E$)



Population at its most


Last Leader

Emir 'Franco' Gemalmaz III

Emir Kanna was the first nation of Emirs. It was a very important nation for the history because it caused many revolutionary events such as the Workers Revolution and the Fascist Times. It was established by Emir Gemalmaz and Sukru Emir Karagul. Their names in common caused the Emir part of the nations name and their thirst to blood which is 'kan' in Emir Turkish formed the 'KANNA' part in their country's name.

The EstablishmentEdit

At a dark December day Emir Gemalmaz felt that it was time for revolution of Emirs and his minion Sukru agreed with him. Then they established the republic with the support of the Emirs and chose themselves as prime minister and president. Their biggest helper İzzet was responsible of other ministries. Emir Kanna had started as republic but many dark times waited them with the leadership of the Emirs.