Cemomeropya bayrak
The Flag of Cemomeropya

Form of Goverment



Cemia I




Cemist Canism(%100)





Population at its most


Last Leader(s)

Cem Saydam, Omer Zabcı

Cemoropya was the duarchic country of Cems, established by Cemia I and his brother Omer-Han I. It was established at the Ancient Era though it lasted through the Classic Era. It was the first duarchy, which would be the controlling form of government, in the Classic Era.

The EstablishmentEdit

Cemia Is father, Cem the Insane had given his land to the Kuziks but Cemia wanted his land back. He got his land back by raging to Kuzik Han III. Then he established his empire, down at Kalsit. The first capital was Kalsitop. 'The city o the south sea' was really good for them and they built the TEMPLE of THE SEA there, for their main god: Cemyanus.

The Transition to DuarchyEdit

Cemia's search for the ideal vezier began right after the country was established. He knew that they would last in the world without a powerful backbone. He searched for the talented, smart and athletic person but he also wanted that person to be royal. He eventually decided him to be his brother, Omer-Han I. He thought that he was more important than an ordinary vezier so he decided that the country would be ruled by two people. It was a duarchy.