Ancient Diragonia
Ancient Diragonia Map
The Flag of Ancient Diragonia

Form of Government


The Establisher

Emperor Diraggh-ho (I)


Old Lidde


Tiaroism(%60) Islam (%39) Other (%1)


None (Trading)


Old Diragonese

Population at its most


Last Leader

Emperor Dirago (II)

Ancient Diragonia was the country of the native northern people 'Diragonians, they were disbanded by the discoverer Alis and they didn't have their own country for centuries, after that they formed the Modern Diragonia.

How they became so small

Ancient Diragonia was the most powerful civilization at the North. They were planning to destroy the North Natives' city but the discoverer group Alis came first and destroyed North Natives' (Rise of the Explorers War). Alis' next plan was to destroy Ancient Diragonia. They directly attacked to Old Lidde with their Xenon planes and killed (approximately) 1 million people at 1 day (War of Old Lidde)!.. Emperor Dirago and his viziers had to make a decision about this situation so they decided to move to the island Tika (Tika in Turkish, Tickha in English). After they moved to Tickha, Emperor Dirago changed the island's name to 'Dirago. Today, there are to regions of island Dirago: West Tickha and East Tickha. After the empire moved to Tickha, Ancient Diragonia survived for 6 more years. Because of Emperor Dirago moved to Tickha with his people, his son became the new emperor (His name was known as Dirago the Second but his real name was Firatî Mevl-i Peygh Diragg-o Sultan.). The new civilization's name was Diragonia.

Emperor Dirago

Emperor Dirago was the most powerful emperor of Ancient Diragonia. His grand-grandson I.Fırat is the new emperor of Diragonia. He lived for 87 years. When Alis took Old Lidde and destroyed Ancient Diragonia, he said

Antik kuzey - Kopya

Ancient Diragonia's Map

"They might have taken the old one, but we have a new and more poverful Lidde.". This quote writes on the Statue of Emperor Dirago at exactly middle of Lidde.


Ancient Dirago was Tiaroist when there was no religion like Islam. Tiaroism is a religion that thinks that there is two Gods: God of Goodness and God of Evil. This religion was very likely to Islam. After the born of Islam, Emperor Riatrhô made the empire's main religion Islam. (Emperor Riatrhô was known as Islamic Emperor.) Today, Diragonia's religion is Islam, too...

Capital Old LiddeEdit

Old Lidde was the biggest city at North. Historians says that everyone was saying Old Lidde was the capital of whole North. Alis took Old Lidde and made it an industy city (They are communist.).


Both Ancient and Modern Diragonia talking Diragonese.