The Caniyunusi Empire
The Flag of The Caniyunusi Empire

Form of Government


The Establisher(s)

Yum Tigin (Yunusi), Genghis Cahn (Cani)


Babakale (I) Kughchukkuyu (II)


Shamanism (%99), UNKNOWN TRIBAL RELIGIONS (%1)





Population at its most


Last Leader

Yum Bed'ri, Genghis Cahn III

The Caniyunusi Empire is a duarchic empire established in the Eastern Continent. They had shamanist beliefs and culturally they resembled a mix of Turkish, Chinese and Japanese. The empire consisted of two races: Yunusis and Canis. Yunusis were more peace and science friendly, though Canis were more barbaric.

The EstablishmentEdit

Canis and Yunusis were constantly battling when a Yunusi, Yum Tigin wanted peace. The Canis wanted their lands. So the wise Yum Tigin said that they could merge their empires. The Canis didn't care and the duarchic empire was born.(11) They wanted the lands only but when they saw that one of the Yunusis had to be an emperor, they regreted their decision.

The Establishment Age (11 - 46)Edit

Ruled by Yum Tigin and ruthless Genghis Cahn this age was the age of orientation. It was quite hard and took 35 years. There were many small mutinies against the duarchic reign but with the strict reign of Genghis Cahn. They couldn't dare to over-throw the rulers.

The ages dramatic end was during the death of Yum Tigin along with many other Yunusis during the wildest mutiny. Genghis Cahn connected with Yum Tigin in one way or another wanted him to be remembered. So he commanded the city of Kughchuk Kuyu to be built for the memory of Yum Tigin. That was the begining of the Cani - Yunusi brotherhood times.

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